Izložba - Španjolsko slikarstvo od XV. do XVIII. stoljeća - Izbor iz Zbirke Wüllner

U subotu, 6. listopada 2018., otvorena je izložba ŠPANJOLSKO SLIKARSTVO OD XV. DO XVIII. STOLJEĆA – IZBOR IZ ZBIRKE WÜLLNER, povodom 400. obljetnice rođenja Bartoloméa Estebana Murilla, pod pokroviteljstvom Veleposlanstva Kraljevine Španjolske u Hrvatskoj. Izložbu je u ime gradonačelnika otvorila zamjenica gradonačelnika, Ivana Mujkić. Brojnoj publici obratili su se kolekcionar Jӧrg Wüllner, ravnateljica Gradskog muzeja Vukovar Ružica Marić i Zoran Leskovac, koji je prisutne upoznao s izloženim djelima.

Nakon otvorenja izložbe slijedio je koncert mladog gitarista Zlatka Josipa Grgića VEČER ŠPANJOLSKE GLAZBE – SJEĆANJE NA ANTONIA DE TORRESA.

Izložba se može razgledati do 1. studenog 2018. u Galeriji Oranžerija Gradskog muzeja Vukovar.

Restauratori uz pomoć moderne tehnologije otkrivaju čaroliju Murillovog slikarstva

"Četiri stotine godina genija" povodom proslave godine Murilla, kojom se obilježava 400. obljetnica rođenja seviljskog slikara


The prestigious EMYA 2016 Silletto award, which has been assigned to the Vukovar Municipal Museum by the European Museum Forum in San Sebastian in Spain, was an opportunity for the first collaboration between the Vukovar Municipal Museum / Croatia and the Wüllner Collection / Germany in 2016. The exhibition ''Spanish Baroque Painting. A Selection from the Collection Wüllner” was a great success.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the return to the devastated Eltz Palace in May 2018, the Vukovar Municipal Museum rounded up its permanent collection, displayed on almost 4000 m2, featuring the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Vukovar by presenting the renewed and restored items from the museum’s collections which give the overview of 8000 years of continuous life in this area.

There is certainly a valid enough reason to organize the second exhibition of the old Spanish masters in the Vukovar Municipal Museum under the patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Republic Croatia, entitled:

Spanish Paintings from the 15th to 18th Century
A Selection from the Collection Wüllner

on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

The exhibition is dedicated to one of the great European artists, a genius of the baroque painting, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. By the end of the 19th century, he became known as the most significant and famous Spanish painter. Next to Murillo's birthplace Seville, London and New York, the city of Vukovar is now also among the cities which commemorate this jubilee.

One small, but very significant piece of Murillo’s art will be featured in our exhibition. It is boceto preparatorio, a preliminary sketch for one of the most important of Murillo’s works, a large painting ̎Moses drawing water from the rock ̎, which is located in the Hospital de la Santa Caridad in Seville. This boceto shows methods and techniques of this great master, as well as his process of creation, but also the numerous changes that were undertaken by the author himself before the final painting was done. Between December 2017 and March 2018, this boceto, together with the original large painting, was subjected to the most contemporary scientific analyses and professional restoration which were conducted by the Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico (IAPH) in Seville, and then it was exhibited, together with the large final painting, in the exhibition ̎Murillo cercano. Miradas cruzadas ̎, held at the Hospital de la Santa Caridad, for which it was created in the first place. Last month, the painting was moved from Seville in order to be shown as the most valuable work of art at the exhibition in Vukovar.

Since the citizens of Vukovar and the visitors from other cities already had the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of important Spanish baroque masters of the 17th century, of the Toledo and Madrid schools of painting at our first exhibition, we have decided to expand our second exhibition both in time and space. Through 16 paintings dating from the 15th to 18th century, next to Toledo and Madrid, other important artistic regions and centres will be presented as well, like Seville, Valencia, Catalonia, Aragon, but also smaller centres like Murcia or Palencia.

Besides Murillo, there is also a painting ̎The Baptism of Christ ̎ by the Madrid painter José Antolinez, which was given to the Louvre and exhibited there in the Galerie Espagnole, as a part of the famous collection of king Louis-Philippe of France. After the Galerie Espagnole was closed down, this painting was kept in various private collections for a long time, and finally, after 170 years, it is now available to the visitors in Vukovar at this exhibition.

The exhibition has been enriched by paintings of other famous painters like Pere Vall, Pedro Orrente, Antonio Pereda, Fray Juan Andrés Ricci, Vicente Salvador Gómez and other painters that are considered as typical representatives of the painting of their specific time period and of the social backgrounds in which they were creating their art. Behind each and every exhibit there is a special story, and together all of the exhibits are reflecting the richness, regional diversity, external influences and spiritual depth of the Spanish painting, but also the destiny of the works of art, the history of art collecting etc. Alongside the works of Spanish painters, there will also be ̎Virgen de Guadalupe ̎ (Virgin of Guadalupe), painted by Francisco Antonio Vallejo, a famous Mexican baroque painter, as an example of spiritual and cultural transfer and reciprocal influences in the Spanish Empire. Most of these works have never been available to the public before, and some of them are important from the scientific point of view.

A large illustrated catalogue will be published following the exhibition, written in Spanish and English, by professors from numerous Spanish universities, curators of famous Spanish and German museums, but also by scientists and art restorers from the IAPH in Seville, that contributed to the organization of this exhibition :

Juan Chiva Beltrán - Universitat de València
David García López - Universidad de Murcia
Pablo González Tornel - Universitat Jaume I/ Castellón
Pablo Hereza - Dirección General de Bienes Culturales y Museos de la Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía, Sevilla
Rocio Magdaleno Granja - Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico, Sevilla
Auxiliadora Gómez Morón – Universidad de Sevilla, Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico, Sevilla
Francisco Montes González - Universidad de Sevilla
José Antonio Peinado Guzmán - Universidad de Granada
Luis Alberto Pérez Velarde - Universidad Complutense/ Madrid, Museo Sorolla/ Madrid
José Antonio Vigara Zafra - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia/ Madrid
Matthias Weniger - Bayerisches Nationalmuseum/ München – Germany

The exhibition remains open until November 1, 2018